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Formula Ford FF-200 Order Process


Step 1. Order car and select color and options. Street Legal Race Car will send you an invoice.  pay a 50% deposit and the balance of 50% is due 30 days prior to delivery


Step 2. Order 1.6 liter Ford Ecoboost engine from engine supplier list on website or buy engine from another source. Purchase the following parts:  clutch, engine and chassis wire harness, ECU, battery and exhaust.  These items can be bought separately for the 1.6 liter Ecoboost engine from us or the engine supplier listed on our website. You can also do the installation yourself if you prefer or contract to have this work done by the company listed on our website or use someone else.


Step 3.  Pay Balance of 50% owed on car to Street Legal Race Car LLC.


Step 4. Pick up and ship your car to your address or address of company that will install engine.


Step 5. When car is running and complete it is now time to register your car. You can pay a fee to have car registered at or register the car yourself.  We have step by step instructions on how to register this car for most states or ask at your  local DMV.




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