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Street Legal Race Cars was started by the McDonald family who have had a love of racecars going back 40 years when Sean Senior raced oval track in Florida. Sean designed and sold over 200 cars for off-road and racing. The family was also involved with working on two Predator racecars that were raced in the Dakar Rally. Back in 2012 Ford took a Formula Ford Ecoboost that was made for racing in Formula Ford Racing Series in the UK and put a 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine in it. They also made this unique race car street legal when they added brakes lights, running lights, turn signals, hand brake etc. This unique car was taken racing events across Europe and was also featured at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This car was critically acclaimed by all who tested the car. Ford for unknown reasons never produced this car.


The FF200 is built by Mygale for Formula Ford UK. It will be sold as a rolling chassis and configured to accept a variety of engines and transmissions. This is only race car that we are aware of that is being retrofitted so it can be driven on the road in most countries. The street legal version of this car will also have the front and rear wing. The power to weight ratio is outstanding. The Formula FF200 weighs a scant 1,350 lbs and can rocket from zero-to-sixty mpg in under four seconds depending on engine selection. The suspension comes standard with adjustable shocks. One of the most unique design aspects of the Formula FF200 is the tubular Chromoly chassis. The wishbones and race-grade rod ends are made from Chromoly. The panels ensure the internal components are not exposed to the elements, from the front brakes to the engine, but also drops the car's curb weight to just 600 kilos - making it faster and far more nimble than most supercars. Factory standard colors include white or red and black powder coating for the chassis, with fiberglass bodywork and fenders in black, Carbon fiber bodywork and custom colors are also offered for chassis and external panels.

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