FF200 Technical Specifications

Formula Ford FF200 Technical Specifications

In 2012, new specifications and regulations were introduced, allowing the use of the new Ford EcoBoost 1.6 Liter engine along with improvements in chassis design. Unlike its predecessors, that used Naturally aspirated engines and manual gearboxes, the EcoBoost car utilizes power from a turbocharged engine and a sequential gearbox. The chassis is a steel space-frame construction. The car complies with Formula Three safety standards, which involves mandatory crash structures, side-impact panels running the full height and length of the cockpit, an FIA-specified headrest and an extricable safety seat. In addition to the safety enhancements, some mandatory elements of bodywork shape have also been introduced.

Chassis: Tubular steel FIA approved chassis produced by Mygale

Data System: Race Tec Wheel Mounted Dash & Life Racing Data Logging System

Safety: FIA Approved roll hoop, FORS (Formula Rescue Seat), HANS Device, Lateral driver’s head protection, front and rear crash structures, wheel tethers, removable steering wheel with collapsible column, six-point harness system and 2.5Kg fire extinguisher

Engine: Ford EcoBoost PS Engine, Capacity – 1600cc developing 200 bhp.

Gearbox: Hewland FTR 6-Speed Sequential

Suspension: Double Wishbone Front & Rear Suspension With Mono Sachs damper at front and twin dampers at rear

Brakes: Single Calipers with Steel Discs

Wheels: Dynamics Aluminum with Central Fixing. Fronts – 7.5″x13″, Rears – 8.5″x13″

TIres: Dunlop. Fronts – 175/535R13, Rears – 205/570R13

Acceleration: 0 to 60 miles/h in approximately 3.4 seconds

Top speed: 180 mph

Length: 3975mm

Width: 1740mm

Height: 980mm

Weight: 475Kg (555Kg with driver)